Monday, July 27, 2009


                                  What a sweet smile!!
                                       Fishing with Daddy
                                   One of the trout that Aaron caught
                                 Hanging out in the pack with Mommy- he went to sleep like this while we  hiked and fished. So sweet.

more camping pics

Isaiah's 1st Camping Trip

Yes, we did it. We took Isaiah camping. And we all lived to tell about it. It was actually really fun! He did great. The girls had a blast. Eden starts back to school in a week and we wanted to do something fun as a family before then. I know that everyone thinks we are crazy, but it was great. We got there on Thursday afternoon and got everything set up. The girls love to play "house" in the tent. Although, this year Eden asked why everyone else had one of "those" (campers) and we only had a tent?? Ha That's because Daddy thinks that tent camping is the only way to truly camp!!! That night Aaron grilled steaks, potatoes, and corn on the cob. It was so yummy! Then for dessert, of course, Smores! He says that is the only reason I like to go camping...the food. There is a little bit of truth in that! While Aaron was cooking we thought we should keep the tent closed so the bugs would not get in so we made the girls get out. When everything was ready to eat Lily went over to the tent and started to unzip it, when I asked her what she was doing she said " I need to get fashioned up for dinner." She is so funny! Isaiah slept great in his pack-n-play in the tent, and the girls slept great, too. Friday morning we got up and ate breakfast, took showers, then let the girls play on the playground. It was beautiful there. We were right on the lake. It was called Moccasin Creek State Park. It is in the mountains in NorthEast GA. We hiked a little on the Appalachian Trail while we were there. We then cooked hot dogs around the campfire and headed out to fish. It was so pretty. We fished on a creek that was totally shaded. I carried Isaiah in the pack and the girls fished with Aaron. We caught our limit. We would have liked to stay another night, but we thought one was enough for Isaiah's first time. Apparently we wore him out, the night we got home he slept all night!! Yay! Today is Isaiah's 2 month check-up and shots. Yuck. I am not looking forward to this. Eden asked if she could wear some of Dad's ear plugs so she wouldn't have to hear her baby brother cry. Too Sweet.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My baby is two months old!!!

All-star game fun

We are back from Arkansas!! Had a wonderful trip, got to see tons of family and friends. It was a blast. Isaiah is actually a very good traveler (no choice, I suppose), He has grown so much since my last post, Sorry about that.,,I will try to do better. Ha We were sad to leave our family, but it is nice to be back in our own house. Trying to get back in somewhat of a routine. Isaiah slept 7 hours straight a couple of nights ago, He got a little spoiled while we were in AR so I am having to re-train him. He is so sweet, smiles every time you talk to him. Too fun. Eden and Lily are really good at making him smile. Lily Grace gets so excited when he smiles for her, it is too funny.

Well, we didn't to go to our usual Cardinal game while we were home this time. I was afraid the extra driving, plus 3 kids in tow, plus the HEAT would not make for a fun trip. So, last night we all got decked out in our Cardinal gear to cheer on Pujols and Molina in the All-star game. It was fun! We had our adopted GA grandparents over for wings, chips, dips, cookies and ice cream. You gotta love "game" food. Lily did lots of Pujols cheers for us...with her high heels on, of course.