Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pumpkin Hunt Fun

Lily had a pumpkin hunt at her preschool. She asked me the night before "what if I don't find one?"  So cute.  I assured her she would be able to find a pumpkin. Sometimes we think she should have been born blonde!  She says the funniest things. Such a sweetheart!

So proud of herself!
This is Lily's sweet class. They were trying very hard to hold those pumpkins up.
Miss Lily's cute pumpkin after she decorated it. 
And, of course, Isaiah was there, waiting patiently in the stroller. 

Being 6 months old is so much fun!

Isaiah is such a sweet baby at 6 months old. He is a big, big boy! He weighs 19lbs!! He began eating rice cereal at 5 months and is now eating fruits and veggies. It took him a while to get used to this, but now he has the hang of it. He is a really good baby! Very sweet natured. He lets his sisters do anything they want to him and never complains. He usually finds their crazy tricks very amusing. He does great riding in the stroller. He seems to enjoy our walk/jogs in the mornings. He is a thumb sucker! Both of the girls loved their pacifiers, but Isaiah would never take one. I am not sure how I will feel about this in a few years, but for now it is precious! 
We are very busy right now with Eden cheerleading and Lily in dance. The girls have lots of field trips and fun things at school so Isaiah is constantly being dragged from one event to another! He just goes with the flow and naps when he can. Just this week I decided to put a Baby Einstien dvd on for him in the car since he is in his carseat so much and he loved it! He "talked" to the TV screen the whole time and kicked his arms and legs. It was too cute. He is such a blessing to our family. We are all crazy about him! Can't wait to get to take him to Arkansas and share him with everyone there!

going on a jog with those blue eyes
letting his sisters try to make him look like Santa in the bubble bath
loving that thumb
don't really think I like carrots...
well, maybe they are not so bad!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eden's halloween party at school

My cute little Poser...
Future Vanna White???
Sweet face!
Sweet sisters enjoying all the junk food together!

Happy Halloween!! (a little late) :-)

What a crew!! A witch, a butterfly princess, and a skunk!! 

Eden had a wig, but it was too itchy...she's all about comfort.
Lily trick or treated in high-heel dress up shoes...she couldn't care less about comfort~ as long as she looks good!! :-) I have no idea where she gets this!!
Our little stinker!! 

My Little Stinker's 1st Halloween

Isaiah had a great 1st Halloween!
He sure did make a cute skunk!! Lily didn't like the fact that he was a skunk...just not a good enough costume for a "princess's" brother!! Ha 

Sweetest Skunk ever
All that trick or treating was hard work! :-)

Cutest Cheerleader Ever

Eden gets to cheer at the Barnes Academy basketball games. So much fun!

Eden and her adorable friends.
Eden's #1 fan: Miss Lily Grace~ sweet sisters
Proud to be a Viking!
GOOOOO Vikings!!!   Love this one. They are so fun to watch. I think they giggle more than they actually cheer!

My baby boy is 6 months old already!!!!

"I love my bath!"
"I can sit up by myself."
"I like to play with my toys."
"I am crazy about my big sister Eden!  She takes good care of me."
"I love to hang out with my big sisters on the couch. We like to watch TV together."