Monday, August 31, 2009

Toothless Wonder

Eden has been losing lots of teeth here lately! She is up to #6. She lost the top two front ones within a couple of weeks. She is having a little trouble saying a few things now (and eating some things!) She looks so cute. Her smile doesn't show her top teeth that much so she really had to make some funny faces to show off her toothless grin. 

Open House at First Friends

Lily and sweet Mrs. Connie who was her teacher in the 2 year old class.
Mrs. Angie reading to her new little class
Lily and Blakeley posing

Last Thursday night was Open House at Lily's pre-school. She was so excited. She wanted to stay and have school that night. Her friend Blakeley is in her class and we will be car pooling with us. They are so cute together.

Lily Grace goes to Pre-K

Lily Grace--ready to go!
Lily, Mrs. Angie, and Eden
Isaiah in one of his moments having to be the "husband"   :-)
This morning was Lily's 1st day of pre-K at First Friends Preschool. She had a wonderful day and said she loved it. The first thing she said about school was that there were rules (only she has trouble with saying the letter 'r' so it took me a minute to figure out what she was saying). It was so funny. She has Mrs. Angie for her teacher, she is the same teacher that Eden had and we are soooo excited about that. We love Ms. Angie! I had a little lump in my throat when I said good-bye...another milestone in the Brister household. She will go everyday from 8-12. It was really quiet this morning when Isaiah went down for his nap. (I'm not complaining)! My mom asked if Isaiah was missing her-probably so. As much as she probably drives him crazy, at the same time she is very entertaining for him. He may have enjoyed the break from having to play the "husband"!! :-) Yes, she sits beside him and puts her arm around him and tells me that he is her husband.  So cute. Eden wanted to go with us to drop Lily off today so I let her be a little late for her school. She liked getting to see Mrs. Angie!  We are so proud of our big girl, Lily Grace! 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Spirit week at Barnes Academy

Wacky Day!
Team Fanatic Day= GO CARDINALS!!  (This went over well with all the Braves fans, I'm sure). 
80's favorite, of course! After I picked out her clothes she said "I don't think that this looks like something an old lady would wear." :-) She thought she was supposed to dress like someone in their 80's!! How cute is that! 
Camo Day.  Why does there always have to be a camo day?? ha ha  Not my favorite, but Eden can even make camo look good!! Her Daddy liked it!
School Spirit Day. Isn't she a doll?

Tonight is the first volleyball game at Eden's school, Barnes Academy. So, this week was spirit week leading up to tonight. Eden and I had a lot of fun with this! She is such a good sport. It really helped get her out of bed every morning because she looked forward to dressing up each day. I think I had as much fun dressing her up everyday as she did! 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We miss you, Lee!

Saying good-bye
Sweet  boy and Lee Lee
The family at Inoko's

Waiting for our table at Inoko's
Just precious. 

More pics of our favorite Lee Lee

Several people asked if she was my little sister!! I would claim her!
Yes, Eden has on make-up...because Lee is the coolest.
At the EC pool. Good times.
Lee and her new little buddy. 
Lily loved all the attention!

Lee's trip to GA

Movie time
Lee's Beauty Shop
Pretty girls
Love the matching bows! It was Lily's turn to be the hairdresser! 

Last week our very very special friend Lee Walker came to Roytown to see us. She is so precious! We had a wonderful time. The girls absolutely love having her around. She played barbies, gave makeovers, played beauty shop and anything else that the girls asked her to do. She was Eden's first "teenage" babysitter...and Lily's. She tells the story of me leaving her with my 3 week old Lily Grace and 2 year old Eden on a stormy night and letting her put their carseats in her car and take them somewhere!! What was I thinking?? you might ask... well, my best friend Julie was in labor that night and I was not gonna miss being there for that. :-) Well, that's just how much I trust her. She is awesome. Thanks, Lee, for coming to see us. We love you and miss you already! 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Three Months Already?!?

                           We can almost get a laugh out of him. So fun!
                                               This is his flirty face
                                                Check out those legs!
                                               Such a sweet, sweet boy
                                               Love these blue eyes...

We love you, Nan and PaPa

  The girls and Nan and PaPa in their matching dresses Nan got them
                                   Love this one!! So sweet.
       Rachel, Lily, and Eden having their bedtime snack
                               Ready for bed with their new dolls

Nan and PaPa's trip to Georgia

                                     Nan, Rachel, Eden, and Lily showing off their new babies!
                                      Nan and her girls eating ice cream
                                   PaPa and his little buddy
                                    Aaron and his favorite MIL :) 
                                   PaPa and "Buster Brown" and our new addition, Alexia

Monday, August 10, 2009

Babyland General Hospital

My mom and dad came to visit us this past weekend and we had a wonderful time with them! They surprised our girls by bringing my niece, Rachel, with them. That was a great treat for them! They loved having her here. She is a sweetie. We took Mom and Rachel to the Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, GA on Saturday. This is where they make all the Cabbage Patch Dolls. It is such a fun place. We had taken the girls two times before, but Lily didn't remember it so she really loved it! The girls all got to pick out a doll. They got the preemies and they are so cute. Lily and Eden picked ones that looked like them when they were babies. We had such a great time with my parents. Sunday was my birthday and they took me to Red Lobster!! It was yummy. Thanks, Mom and Dad for everything!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Grader, at last

Today is Eden's first day as a first grader! I cannot believe my baby girl is in the First Grade! Time is flying by. Aaron got up this morning and fixed everyone a big breakfast. Lily and I sang "Wake up wake up the sun is up" to Eden to get her out of bed. Isaiah was awake so I sat him up on the top bunk with Eden. That helped get her out of bed! She was in a great mood. We all ate breakfast together and then had a short devotional out of her Princess Bible. She was excited! We all went to take her to school. She has a new haircut. She has been wanting it short for a while now so we finally decided to give it a try. It looks adorable! She asked a friend of mine at church who complimented her on it, "I look at least, like 8 or something, don't I?". It was so funny. I must say, though, she does look older. Of course, she has always looked older than she is. She will be home soon and I can't wait to hear all about her day. I pray it was a good one!