Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy First Day of Kindergarten, Lily!!!

Happy 1st day of Kindergarten, Lily Grace!
Not too sure about this school thing, Mom.

On August 9th our sweet Lily Grace started Kindergarten at Barnes Academy. She is doing great! The first few mornings she was a little unsure. She was very brave, though. The first day after we took a few pictures and got her settled in I got ready to tell her good-bye. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said "You're not staying?" I don't know what she was thinking! It was so sweet and innocent. She is a doll. We are so proud of her. Eden has been so kind and helpful getting her started at school. Lily loves that she and Eden go to the same school now. They are sweet sisters. (Most of the time) :-) I have not been able to blog in a long time but am going to try to do better! Not making any promises though!!

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