Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Perfect Saturday

Family Bike Ride at Lake was so beautiful!
My little man likes his bike long as he is moving.
Sisters stopping to take a break.
I love how Eden holds her tongue like this when she is working at something! My uncle Mike was also known for this!

What a wonderful Saturday!! Isaiah did not wake me up until 8:45 and when I went in to get him I could hear the girls giggling in Lily's room. They both slept in there so I opened her door and there were barbies everywhere! Eden said we've been up for a while but we wanted to let you sleep! How sweet is that! Then Aaron brought us breakfast from Bojangles. It was a gorgeous day in Georgia so we decided to take advantage of it. Aaron loaded up all the bikes and we headed to Lake Hartwell to the bike trail. Lily only took her training wheels off a couple of weeks ago so we have really been wanting to go and let her have a chance to really ride. We ended up riding over 2.5 miles, which I think is really good for a 7 and 5 year old! We had a wonderful time. The girls got a little tired but did not complain. Aaron had bought our his and hers bikes for our anniversary this summer. Not too romantic, right? But I am actually loving having them! So much fun for the family. Lucky for Isaiah his seat is on Aaron's bike and not mine! :-) I do good just to take care of myself! haha Aaron said that Isaiah would lean up and pat him on the back every once in a while on the ride. So sweet. When we got back to the car and were loading up, Isaiah grabbed his blanket and laid his head down in the parking lot and started sucking his thumb!! I guess riding back there is hard work!

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