Thursday, April 21, 2011

Softball Season!

Well, here she is! My sweetie pie who closed out the softball game Tuesday night by striking out 3 batters in the last inning to end the game!! (We don't keep score, but I know we won!)
We are so excited that Eden is getting to pitch runs in the family! :)
She was so confident out on the mound. She takes her job very seriously.
Woo Hoo! Never thought I would say this, but "GO DAWGS!!"
Ok, so I know it has been a while since I posted on my blog. I am hoping to change that! :) Lots and lots has happened since my last post. I will try to go back and post the highlights of our last 7 months! ha
Well, as you can see Eden Jewell is playing fast-pitch softball! We could not be more excited! She is doing a really good job! It has been so much fun watching her. We are so proud of her hard work. Tuesday night was the first time Aaron had gotten to be there for her entire game. That's the bummer about your dad being a baseball coach...most of Eden's games are at the same time as Emmanuel's. So it was super fun having the whole family there together watching the game. And yes, Lily was there too. And yes, this would have been a great time for a family photo, but she was off playing with her little buddies and someone offered to take our picture so I didn't want to take the time to go grab her. Now, I wish I would have! I do have some pictures of her from the game will try to post, yes, of course, she had on a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring! Oh, and sunglasses. That hasn't changed over the last few months. She is still my precious little fashion expert. She cried yesterday morning because she is tired of wearing tennis shoes to school!! She didn't understand why her high-heel flip flops would not be appropriate!! :) I love that girl.
And then there is that sweet little man who keeps me very busy! Isaiah will be 2 very soon and is ALL BOY! I rarely sit down. He is so much fun, but into everything. He would much rather be the one playing ball than watching his sister play. He runs pretty much the entire game. Every game I set up my chair, but I hardly ever get to use it! Ha
Well, we are gearing up for a very busy May. Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays. Its good to be back on here. I really hope I can stick with it this time because I absolutely LOVE sharing my pictures with all of you. Please comment and let me know who is following us. I would love to hear from you! :)
Bye for now...
Billie Jean

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Amanda said...

Hey there! I love hearing stories about your adorable little family! Glad y'all are all doing well! :)
Amanda Cofer